In the business world today, reputation management is deemed crucial for companies and individuals to secure a positive foundation, upon which success can be built. A few companies, including the Hong Kong based boutique consultancy firm Artemis Associates, provide fundamental and extremely important services around reputation management. Artemis has recently expanded its reputation management offering in the TMT sector in Hong Kong by hiring a TMT reputation management specialist, who has five years of experience in the industry from London.

Artemis Associates was founded by industry expert Diana Footitt in 2011, and serves primarily as a reputation management firm. Since its successful launch, the firm has rapidly rose to the forefront of the leading reputation management consultancies, not only in Asia, but in the global public relations arena. The firm’s clients include, but are not limited to, companies and brands, families, individuals and entrepreneurs, and even ultra-high net-worth individuals. Artemis’ main goal is to manage each individual case to be as positive for all involved as possible.

Artemis Associates has strong connections within the Hong Kong and Greater China media landscape across digital and traditional print publications. The firm is known for its expert strategic advice, its creative approach, and its willingness and ability to manage reputation from all angles and across many sectors, including the TMT sector in Hong Kong.

What makes Artemis Associates so unique is the firm’s team of highly qualified and experienced advisors that are committed to delivering clients the best possible strategic advice. The Artemis team has proven their efficacy from the outset by being awarded The Holmes Report’s 2013 Asia-Pacific New Consultancy of the Year. The firm’s CEO, Diana Footitt, has been recognized twice by PR Week, first in the Asia Power List 2014, and secondly in the Global Power Book in 2015. Artemis Associates consistently rivals its main competitors, including Weber Shandwick, Finsbury and Bell Pottinger.

Artemis Associates has three core business practices under reputation management services Hong Kong: capital markets, building visibility, and issues & crisis management.

Under the scope of capital markets, Artemis Associates manages and supervises all matters related to investor relations for listed and private companies. Whether a company is simply searching for possible investors and partners, or whether the company is considering an IPO, Artemis Associates efficiently advises their clients towards their desired end goal. The consultancy also manages secondary and reverse listings, corporate restructuring, cross-border M&A, and more.

Under the scope of visibility, Artemis Associates advises its clients on all matters related to building their visibility across many different channels and sectors. The consultancy focuses on constructing prominence for each brand, they preserve and oversee each client’s public profile. The firm is also skilled in managing and assisting significant creative events, for example the special fashion show held for Prada around its successful IPO listing.

Artemis Associates has worked with many high profile clients including the international jewelry etailer, Plukka. Artemis worked with Plukka before the company’s IPO, to help improve their visibility across the APAC region, and was able to build up their prominence to entice potential investors. Specifically, Artemis Associates helped Plukka communicate their “View on Demand” online feature and this was instrumental to levitating Plukka to a very prominent stage before their IPO.

Under the scope of issues and crisis management, the firm handles urgent matters at corporate, family, and individual levels, which can include legal matters, arrests, corruption affairs, accidents and calamities, corruption, fraud and scandals, product issues, and shortselling attacks.

Artemis Associates prides itself in its crisis management capabilities. The world is becoming more and more visible, and crises are becoming more and more frequent and need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Artemis Associates can advise and manage in times of crisis and are also highly skilled in helping a company prepare for a crisis. When managing crises, Artemis Associates has the ability to quickly develop fact-based approaches for their clients. When preparing for crises, Artemis Associates is able to simulate and troubleshoot crises for their clients, to aid preparation of solutions, whether they be in regards to reputational, financial, or security events.

Artemis Associates is a truly global company, offering support for its clients throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Companies like Prada, Graff Diamonds, HKBN and Li & Fung opt for Artemis Associates because the firm is devoted to providing global support, clear advice, and strategies that lead to concrete financial benefits.

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